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Arabica Coffee Bean 


Stimulating, Replenishing,

& Moisturizing 

Limited Edition!

Happybelle-PE with a Pro-Endorphin-Complex provides intensive hydration, leaving

the skin looking smooth and luscious.

The Chaste tree provides Monk’s pepper berries used in Happybelle-PE which invokes a sensation of well-being for the skin. 


Arabica beans with

high level of essential fatty acids, plant sterols, and

vitamin E, is a potent antioxidant that protects against free radical damage.

Stacy's Skin Rehab

Now Available for eligible clients 

No Downtime! No Hassle! No Surgeries!

Skin Script

8~week Peel Series

A gentle 10% TCA designed by Skin Script to lift hyperpigmentation & melasma, reduce scarring, & retexture skin


Pre/Post Peel Care Kit

1 Prep Facial

1 Lactic Lightening Peel

1 Glycolic Peel

2 Sessions of TCA

5 treatments total

3 week rest


For more detailed information, click here






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100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases


Reduce friction, diminsihng

wrinkles & hair frizz

Baby-soft skin, less acne breakouts, no creases in the morning!


Eucalyptus has a clean fresh scent that relaxes our muscles. Gatuline® Renew, Telangyn™, PhytoCellTec™ Symphytum & X-pressin™ increase cell renewal, barrier function, and reduce redness leaving the skin exfoliated and soft.

The Golden Honey Nourishing Mask reveals a more even-toned skin. Improves cell turnover, increases hydration, aids in the skin detoxification process and delays cellular aging.


Call to schedule your appointment with Stacy Luzzi and enjoy your path to healthy vibrant skin and stunning lashes!

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