Gem Water

  • Turn your ordinary tap water into silky, smooth, gem-enhanced H2O

  • Gem-Pods assembled by hand with love in the German Alps

  • Lead-free, shock-resistant borosilicate glass

  • Reduce enviromental harm with reusable bottles

  • Taste water like you never have before, the way it was originally intended.

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Miss Unicorn $150


24K Gold Leaf, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz

Beauty $120 


Amethyst, Aventurine, Rose Quartz

Love $98


Rose Quartz, Garnet, Clear Quartz

Out of Stock 

Wellness $78


Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz

About Gem-Water
From Anjanette Sinesio

Gem-Water sells VitaJuwel’s award-winning, gemstone-based, water-enhancing products to the fashion, beauty, gift, and luxury retail markets. Gem-Water’s collection of products offers a unique and beautiful way to stay hydrated. The line is masterfully crafted and engineered to enhance everyday tap or filtered water using the energy of gemstones encased in elegant glass vessels for on-the-go, tabletop, and single-serve use. Each transforms the texture and mouthfeel of everyday drinking water by restoring its crystalline structure, bringing it's quality to levels comparable to pure spring water. The products are not only works of art, they help facilitate the health benefits of improved hydration for our bodies, and positively impact our environment by reducing dependence on plastic water bottles. Gem-Water was founded by jewelry industry veteran and designer, Anjanette Sinesio, who launched the e-commerce site in November 2016. Gem-Water also sells on a wholesale basis to top luxury retailers.

From VitaJuwel

VitaJuwel is the modern interpretation of age-old traditions. Wise women and men have been vitalizing their water with gemstones for thousands of years. Only now has VitaJuwel updated these traditions with a contemporary, sophisticated approach… 

In the past, you may have prepared your crystal elixirs by putting the gems directly in your drinking water.  This means your gems needed to be thoroughly scrubbed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, regular scrubbing usually causes gems become dull over time. We came up with a worry-free concept that ensures your water gets vitalized the right way. In our products, the gems are encased in glass, so they stay bright and shiny over the years without any cleaning hassle. Traditional methods of gemwater preparation carry the risk of stones releasing toxic substances into the water or pollution due to crystals being impregnated with artificial resins. With VitaJuwel, gems NEVER come in direct contact with the water, so there is no chance of water pollution. Despite being sealed inside the glass, the gems still vitalize the water - just like sunrays warming you in your living room on a Sunday afternoon. The glass container acts as a prism for the crystals' natural vibrations, enhancing the very structure of the elixir of life. Taste it and see!


Each of the Earth’s minerals has a crystalline form. Diamonds are crystalline carbon; emeralds are crystalline beryllium; and rubies are crystalline corundum. Water, too, has a crystalline form—ice.  Yet research reveals that water has another crystalline form – a liquid crystal. Although the molecules remain mobile in liquid crystalline water, they move together, like a school of fish swimming in the sea. This is structured water—also referred to as organized water, hexagonal water, and liquid crystalline water. Liquid crystals are a special phase of matter. Like solid crystals, they can transmit signals; the repeating pattern provides an efficient pathway for the smooth flow of energetic information. Liquid crystals are flexible and many times more responsive than solid crystals.

Healthy DNA is surrounded by structured water. This water is responsible for the DNA’s stability. Structured water is also responsible for supporting the electromagnetic field surrounding DNA. As water loses its crystalline structure (because of age and disease), the integrity of the DNA is often compromised.  Youthful DNA, surrounded by liquid crystalline/structured water, has a much stronger electromagnetic field than DNA from elderly individuals.

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Much of the water in a healthy human body is in a liquid crystalline/structured state. Many components of the body are also considered to be liquid crystals, including collagen and cell membranes. These tissues work cooperatively with structured water in the body to create an informational network that reaches every cell. The liquid crystalline organization of the human body accounts for the instantaneous transfer of signals and other biological information.


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Robert Sardello 

There is an unmistakable presence, a Who, that accompanies every stone with which we establish a relationship. And the connection is spirtual while being completely within matter. Here, by working in depth with stones, the age-old false division between spirit and matter is demonstrated as wrong, each moment we really take time to notice what is happening while holding a stone. Matter's spirit and soul reveals itself to us in upmost particularity. Sometimes we are shocked and thrown into tears with the overwhelming recognition of the soul of matter.

Quoted from Stones of the New Consciousness 

by Robert Simmons