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Gem Water Bottle ~ Miss Unicorn

  • Wash thoroughly before first use. The glass bottle itself is dishwasher safe. The GemPod and Caps are NOT dishwasher safe. To clean, unscrew Gempod from bottom cap. Wash parts by hand with warm, soapy water. Allow all parts to dry completely. Securely, but gently, re-assemble parts. DO NOT open the specifically sealed Gempod. After extensive use, water products can develop limescale, simply use lemon juice or vinegar essence to remove. We suggest cleaning your bottle at least every 2-3 days depending on use.


    When filling your water bottle, run water directly into top opening. Do not let water run over edges of the opening or water will accumulate in the groove between the glass and the bottom Gempod cap, giving the impression that it is leaking. If the water has run over, put the top cap on and simply turn the bottle upside down to let the excess water out.