Each program includes 12 customized facials with Viktoria De'Ann Peptides & Lightwave Therapy LED treatments and a personalized at-home care kit with Skin Script Rx products


$2200 Value

Appointments Availavble Any Day of the Week for Program Participants

For those looking for complete skin rehabilitation, this program requires committment and dedication to your new skincare regime.

Online Appointment Booking provides ease when dealing with a busy schedule. 

Program expires after allotted time starting from the first treatment

4 Weeks


Most Intensive w/ Instant Results

3 treatments per week:

  • 1 full facial with LED

  • 2 mini-facials with LED

For immediate results, the 4-Week Program is designed to have you Red Carpet Ready in the shortest amount of time

Full Facial includes triple cleanse with the use of Glycolic, Enzymatic Exfoliation, Mask, Peptides, and the use of necessary modalities, finished with Lightwave Therapy

The mini-facials will consist of cleansing and prepping the skin with peptides before LED treatment

8 Weeks


Accommodating to Schedules

1 to 2 treatments per week

  • Week 1 - 4: 1 full facial with LED​ each week

  • Week 5 - 8 : 1 Full Facial & 1 mini-facial with LED, each week 

The 8-Week Program is well-suited for the average weekly schedule.

Still promising to revive your skin in a short period while providing appointment flexibility

12 Weeks


OR 12 Months

1 Full Facial with LED per week or per month

The 12-Week Program is great for those with tight schedules and for sensitive skin. A week between each treatment

session allows the skin more

time to heal 

This program may be extended to bi-weekly (6 months) or

monthly (12 months) facials.

You will receive plenty of 

at-home care to last entire program 

To Book Your First Treatment of the Series,

call Stacy at 760.567.9246

or to schedule online: 

Why not just come weekly and pay for indivual treatments?

FREE Product!

I do not discount my time and service:

however, by purchasing any program, you receive complete at-home care regimen with Skin Script at no extra cost.

Payment for progams must be payed either all at once upfront, or split in 2 payments with the first before treatment begins and a second payment at the halfway point.